Mysuru International Water Film Festival

This annual film festival informs, educates and activates our audiences about water and water issues including the climate crisis because the likelihood of having enough clean, fresh water and a liveable climate is diminishing everywhere and daily. The main objective of this film festival is to educate, create awareness to our audiences and participants about water and water issues through visual media. The purpose of organizers of this festival, “Filmaholic Foundation”, is to attract best films based on water, marine life, water conservation efforts, water environments, coastal cultures, water sports and exploration, dams and the displaced, water struggles / conflicts, floods and droughts, Global warming and climate change, water sanitation and health, river pollution, Holistic revival of water bodies and innovative technology designed to help protect water and create awareness on the importance of water. 

This is a non-profit film festival with the intention of raising awareness on water literacy among general public. There is no entry fee for submission of films and admission to the festival is free on first come first server basis. We inspire people to take action and use the funds we’ve raised to install new wells and filtration systems for communities who desperately need clean water. Interspersed with songs, photo and art exhibitions, installations, water walks, interactive sessions with water activists and film directors and culminating in a conference on “Save Water”.

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