Karnataka Youth International Short Film Festival

A Youth film festival usually spotlights films created by young people on a variety of themes and issues concerning the youths including the peer pressure, abuse, sexuality and popular culture. An academic youth film festival conducted in various districts of Karnataka focuses on a specific
academic subjects and allows young people to immerse themselves into the topics. Youth film festival helps in creating awareness to the youths and also educate them on various social challenges. 

These festivals are an integral part of education. Youth film festival is an annual festival where youngsters from different aspects of life assemble to take part in cultural, literary and film related
activities. These festivals have becomes a very important medium of interchange of culture and discipline. It is aimed at shaping the minds of Indian youths and transforming them into united force for nation building. It helps to integrate them into a united thread of”Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat”. The objective of the film festival is to empower youths. This film festival is conducted every year.

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